Shopping Around for the Best Deal?

Woman touching face looking downward

Shopping Around for the Best Deal?

We will be your biggest supporters to shop around different studios when deciding where to get your service. Whether it be tattoo removal, laser hair removal or facial treatments we highly encourage it. We want you to know you’ve made the best choice for you! However, there are a few questions to be sure to ask when “shopping around.”

How Much? Yes, cost is important and will be a big game changer for a lot of people. But too cheap and I would caution the quality of service or laser you will be receiving. Too expensive and you might be getting ripped off. Always ask about payment plan options and packages. This is where you can save the most money.

What laser do you use? The make and model of a laser is a really good question to ask. Do some research. Make sure it’s a laser that is safe on your skin type or just safe on the skin in general (not going to scar or damage.) See if the laser has good reviews and how many treatment it estimates for desired results. This will also help you with the cost vs package options.

Who performs the service? In the state of Ohio lasers are mainly performed by a Doctor. So, if you are not receiving the treatment from a doctor or speaking to one during your consultation there should be some concern.

Here at IOIO Studio we do free consultations with the doctor. If you would like to set up a consultation please give us a call at 216-633-7569.