Permanent Makeup, Tattooing & Piercings

What is Permanent Makeup?

Now you can wake up in makeup!

Permanent makeup, or cosmetic tattoos, is an increasingly popular procedure among women and men. The procedure is an alternative to makeup that offers a lasting way to enhance the eyes, lips, and other features.


Permanent makeup gives your face renewed personality and definition, while reducing your dependence on cosmetics. Some popular areas include:

  • Darkening faint eyebrows
  • Adding shape and volume to thin eyebrows or the portion of the brow that has no hair
  • Reducing lipstick “bleed”
  • Adding color to the lips
  • Lip Blushing
  • Camouflaging lip scars
  • Darkening the base of the eyelashes
  • Eyeliner
  • Adding beauty marks
  • Improving the color of the areolas (the dark skin around the nipples)
Before and after photo of permanent makeup for woman's lips
Before and after photo of permanent makeup procedure for woman's eyes
Woman lying on her back with hairnet on and eyes closed getting makeup applied by gloved hand with device

How it works.

Permanent makeup is a type of tattooing that is performed for cosmetic reasons. The machine that is used for the procedure has a needle on the tip that penetrates the skin to deposit pigment. The pigment color is based on your desired effect. You can use pigments that match your natural eyebrows, lips, and eyelashes or choose a color that stands out more.


Your cosmetic tattoos will give you a fresh appearance day and night as well as minimizing or eliminating your need for:

  • Eyebrow pencils
  • Eyeliner
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick
  • Concealer used for lip scars


The tattoos are permanent, so you can throw out all of these products or simply use them only when you want to add a little extra color to your eyes and lips. Because cosmetic tattoos allow you to use less makeup, the procedure pays for itself in no time!


When people think of  “tattoo parlors,” they often visualize a dark, smoke-filled room. Not so at IOIO Studio. Our studio is deliberately designed to break that stereotype with a cool, edgy feel combined it with a warm, bright atmosphere that welcomes all types of people, from all walks of life,”


Tattoo Artistry

Whether it’s your first tattoo or your fifteenth, getting a tattoo is a big deal. The highly creative and conscientious artists at IOIO Studio understand this and will work with you to make your tattoo dreams come true. They will walk you through the process and provide good recommendations for your consideration.



Tattoo Redesign

Although faster and easier than tattoo removal, tattoo redesign is still an involved process when done properly. The tattoo artist must take into account the original tattoo design and placement along with the new art selection while incorporating the two flawlessly. Ink On. Ink Off tattoo artists specialize in this type of alteration and are able to work with you to come up with a design that expresses who you are at this time in your life.



Once upon a time, ear lobes were the only part of the body that was ever pierced. These days…the sky’s the limit! Today, almost any part of your body can be pierced and people are free to express themselves however they see fit.


At IOIO Studio, we’re here to assist you in your piercing preferences. Our team of professional, artistic, and highly qualified clinicians will make sure you have all the information you need regarding location, kind, and type of piercing best suited for your preferred area. We also provide excellent aftercare information to ensure that your piercing is healing correctly.

You’ve never seen a array of piercing jewelry quite like ours! We have beautiful high end jewelry from top designers to decorate your body with!

Our goal is to provide you with the best body piercing experience possible. Your body is a beautiful canvas just waiting to be transformed into one of the ultimate forms of self-expression.  We would be honored to be your trusted guide on your journey.

Close up photo of woman with pink lipstick and a nose septum piercing
Sunflower tattoo on someone's shoulder